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Climate Florida

One of the main reasons for the great popularity of Florida vacation homes is the excellent weather. Many hours of sunshine a year are guaranteed here. Florida consists of two climate zones: In the northwest predominantly subtropical humid and in the rest of the country tropical humid. In the period from June to November sometimes tropical storms (Hurricanes) sweep across the country. Mostly they originate above the Atlantic Ocean and meet the east coast of Florida or in the Gulf of Mexico and travel along the southwest coast with its foothills.


Many Americans, Canadians and Europeans own a holiday home in Florida to winter in the cold season at pleasant temperatures (so-called "snowbirds"). In winter the temperatures in Florida are around 77 F (25°C) - ideal weather to get some more sunshine. But it is also true that cold days around 59 F (15°C) or colder when the temperatures in North America drop drastically in winter. Most of the time, however, the sun shines and you will feel warmer. After a few days the temperature will rise to the usual 77 F (25°C) again. In the summer, temperatures often rise to well over 86 F (30°C).

rain days

In the most popular travel season in winter (November to April) it rains very little at mild temperatures. The winter in Florida is the most popular season for locals, as humidity is low and temperatures at 77 F (25°C) are extremely pleasant. During the rainy season in summer it is very humid and the air-conditioning systems are running at full speed. However, the term "rainy season" in summer is misleading compared to other tropical countries. It rains mostly only once in the late afternoon for about 1 hour and this very hard. Afterwards the sun shines again in Florida's sky.

sun hours

Not for nothing is Florida also called the Sunshine State. Almost every day the sun shines and Florida attracts with up to 330 days of sunshine per year many tourists from the cold regions of America and Europe to its wonderful beaches. The most hours of sunshine are in April and May, with ten hours of sunshine a day, whereas in December and January the average is only six hours of sunshine.


water temperature

The water temperature in Florida hardly drops below 77 F (25°C) between April and October. The water in the south is warmer all year round than on the northern coasts. There is an average water temperature of 73 F (23°C), in the south it is 79 F (26°C) in the yearly average. The water of the Atlantic Ocean on Florida's east coast is also slightly cooler than on the southwest coast of the Gulf of Mexico.