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One of the top tourist destinations is still the country of boundless possibilities - America.

Florida consists of two climate zones: the northwest predominantly subtropical moist and in the rest of the state tropical moist. In the period from June to November, sometimes tropical storms (Hurricanes) are sweeping across the state. They usually occur over the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico and hit the East coast or West coast of Florida.

Above all, the Sunshine State of Florida is a very popular US state, which attracts many tourists from around the world each year. One of the main reasons for the popularity of vacation homes in Florida is the excellent weather. Many hours of sunshine are guaranteed. Especially the mild temperatures from October to April lure many tourists to Florida.

Daily temperature

Many Americans, Canadians and Europeans own a vacation home in Florida to spend the winter months (so-called "snowbirds"). In winter, temperatures in Florida are around 25°C - ideal weather to soak up the sun. Sometimes the temperature decrease up to 15 ° C or colder, when the temperatures in North America fall dramatically in winter. After a few days the temperature increase again up to the usual 25°C. Mostly, however, the sun is shining all the time. In summer, temperatures often rise to well above 30°C.

Rainy days

In the most popular travel period (November to April) we see very little rain. The winter in Florida is the most popular season with the locals, because the humidity is low and the temperature of 25°C is extremely pleasant. During the rainy season in summer it is very humid and the air conditioners are running at full speed. The term of so-called "rainy season" in the summer, however, is misleading compared to other tropical countries. Usually it rains only once in the late afternoon for about 1 hour and this is very heavy. Then the sun shines again in the sky of Florida.

Sunny hours

Not for nothing Florida is called the Sunshine State . Almost every day the sun shines and Florida shines with up to 330 sunny days a year and therefore attracts many tourists from the cold regions of America and Europe to its beautiful beaches . Most hours of sunshine we have in the months of April and May with ten hours of sunshine a day , in December and January the figure is only six hours of sun on average.


Water temperature

The water temperature in Florida falls from April to October hardly below 25 ° C. The water is in the south all year warmer than at the northern coasts. There prevails an average water temperature of 23°C , in the south there are the annual average 26°C . The waters of the Atlantic on the east coast of Florida is also slightly cooler than on the southwest coast of the Gulf of Mexico.


NMB Florida Vacation Homes offers exclusive properties on Florida's west coast in good to very good locations. The infrastructure of the respective property is excellent. Almost all offered Florida vacation homes provide a boat access to the Gulf of Mexico and are fully equipped. Many of the offered Florida homes were built through us, either on behalf of our customers or purchased as an investment property by our investors. Therefore we know the owners as well as the quality of our vacation homes very exactly. All villas are regularly checked by us and are well maintained by the property manager on site.

We pride ourselves on personal care of our rental customers from booking to departure during their stay with us in Florida. The professional maintenance and the high-quality interior of our Florida vacation homes results in an above-average occupancy already months before the start of the season. See for yourself the high quality standard of our vacation homes in Florida.

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Interior design of our holiday homes Florida

Our designers furnish (in consultation with the owners), the vacation homes completely - from the furniture, flat screen TV's, to the coffee cups. Interior designers are working hard to set up the house that the design meets the requirements of an upscale, international vacation client. Our designers regularly design the interiors of the vacation homes of our international buyers and investors and they have excellent references.

You can be sure that you will feel comfortable in the modern and contemporary interiors of our villas in Florida. For each of our villas we provide a "Virtual Tour" so you can take a closer look before you rent a holiday home.

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The basic furnishings of our Florida vacation homes usually offers everything from flat screen TVs in the living rooms and bedrooms, BBQ grill or even outside kitchen, internet access (wireless), bed linen, bath and beach towels, hair dryer, washing machine, dryer, double or three car garage , heated pool, hot tub and, and, and ...

Almost all of our homes / villas in Florida provide a boat access to the Gulf of Mexico with a private boat dock behind the house at the canal. Renting a vacation home in Florida is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Florida and immerse in the Caribbean lifestyle.

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Demand for Florida vacation rentals is higher than ever before. In addition to North Americans and Canadians our Scandinavian, German, Austrian and Swiss clients spend their vacation in high-end villas in Florida, preferably in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Sanibel / Captiva Island. Even Celebrities are among our vacation guests, of which we are very proud.